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Software development insights compiled for you by the people of bitcrowd

· 8 min read
Darren Cadwallader
The frontend team at bitcrowd has been working hard on building our new website in the last months; as ever, rebuilding our own site is one of the most difficult tasks web developers can undertake.

· 11 min read
Christoph Beck
Max Mulatz
Joshua Bauer
This is the second post of a series on using a RAG information system for your team's codebase. Find out how the LLM can read and understand Elixir code and start a conversation about your codebase with the LLM.

· 4 min read
Ruby has a history of strong testing tools. That strong ethos of testing also influenced us at bitcrowd. Loosely inspired by RSpec's subject, we've now come to use a similar pattern for testing React components.

· 9 min read
Max Mulatz
Level up your project automation with scripts for smoother onboarding and faster context-switching.