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Thanks, 2014

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Bodo Tasche

2014 was an awesome year for bitcrowd. We had lots of fun and worked on awesome projects with great customers. In this post we want to highlight a few of the moments of 2014 we loved.


This all would not be possible without our fabulous customers.

January - Homify

Record time to production for Homify: starting the development in November 2013, Homify launched in January 2014. We further supported the development until October and are proud of the customer response it got. Thanks also to Philip Dommermuth from whom we learned a lot about online community management and growth. An awesome customer to have.


homify • Own work Bitcrowd

May - Sparker

The biggest crowdfunding project in Germany runs on sparker, a crowdfunding whitelabel solution we had the pleasure to build. With it, Krautreporter raised over 1 million Euros and gained 20.000 users in just 4 weeks.

This is the graph of @krautreporter atm. Awesome! (again, thx @makandra_com for fast-scaling)

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) June 13, 2014

July - Liefery

We built the backend for, a same day delivery service. It was a nice challenge and we learned a lot about how to organize a high scalability backend.


liefery • Own work Bitcrowd

September - Krautreporter

Krautreporter launches into beta. It’s a platform that makes sustainable journalism without advertisement possible. After the successful sparker campaign we started to build the platform and the CMS behind it. The project got a huge amount of media attention, including appearances in the Tagessschau and other TV shows.


krautreporter • Own work Bitcrowd


Besides the project work we also had the pleasure to help Fyber and Babbel with their products. Thanks for inviting us to your teams!


babbel • Own work Bitcrowd


In 2014 we also revealed our secret superhero identities. Thanks to Rin for the idea. We had lots of fun at our photo shoot:

Some behind the scenes pics from the banner photoshoot by @Jusum:

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) September 16, 2014

And the result was really impressive:

Full house at our 2nd event today: the @angular_berlin meetup

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) September 10, 2014

We also managed to hire some really awesome developers: Bodo Tasche, Darren Cadwallader, Philipp Tessenow, Tobias Pfeifer and attracted some more sparkling freelancers to work with us. Folks, it is really awesome to work with you!

Señor developer! @bitboxer #rubyconfpt

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) October 15, 2014


In 2014 we were proud to support the developer community. We hosted several RubyBerlin Usergroups, the Angular.js meetup, the kick off of the Rust Usergroup to name a few.

If you are searching for a venue for your user group, feel free to contact us.

We also sponsored many events and traveled to them (Don’t ask about the karaoke session at Rubyconf Portugal 😉 ).


We open our doors in a few hours for #euruject . Hope you grab a coffee at @MrgnBerlin first :)

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) July 31, 2014


The #eurucamp crowd.

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) August 2, 2014

RailsCamp Germany

The session planning started at @railscamp_de

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) September 27, 2014

#rubyconfp - @hone02 "Twitter is not a bugtracker"

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) October 14, 2014

The future

In 2015 we will continue to drive our community involvement forward - e.g. with launching the junior developer program. Our team has enough experience now to start teaching new developers and showing them why working in our field is so awesome.

Another goal is to increase the amount of open source contributions even more.

Let's work together

In 2015 the airship continues to reside in the Sanderstrasse. Meet us there at the various user groups, let us help you with your projects and get in touch if you’ve got special super hero skills.

See you @bitcrowd.

OH: bitcrowd is hiring rails seniors!

— bitcrowd (@bitcrowd) June 18, 2014

Bodo Tasche

Bodo Tasche

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