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· 6 min read
Philipp Tessenow


On 2019-08-02 we at bitcrowd discovered a security vulnerability in simple_form. simple_form is one of the go-to ways to easily handle HTML forms in Ruby on Rails. The security issue allows arbitrary code execution in the worst case, but at least has potential for data corruption or DOS attacks. This security issue was responsibly disclosed by bitcrowd. Find details about the timeline of the events and a more detailed description below.

· 5 min read
Philipp Tessenow
At some point in the life of a Ruby on Rails app comes the point where a user or admin needs to download data. This is often done in the form of CSV or JSON downloads.

· 3 min read
Bodo Tasche

The first time I found out about eurucamp was during the euruko 2011. Some people talked about this “unconference” close to the venue that a few people had organized. The tickets for the euruko had been sold out too quickly and everyone who could not buy one was invited to meet there instead. At that euruko I gave my first real talk and because of that I was way too nervous to take the U8 to visit them. I should have done it.