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Charity Coding

· 2 min read
Bodo Tasche

This weekend is the weekend. And because of that this week is week. Tons of events all over the city.

We as bitcrowd wanted to participate in it and thanks to Rin came up with this:

Charity Coding

Charity Coding • Own work Bitcrowd

A little hackathon focused on charity projects.

charity coding photo

Charity Coding Photo • Own work Bitcrowd

Before the hackathon we searched for projects to hack on and luckily found three awesome projects that wanted to participate. Every project sent someone to guide the teams and helped to make each contribution count.

  • wheelmap, an award-winning online map to search, find and mark wheelchair-accessible places. It is available in 21 languages (including Klingon!) and lists more than half a million places.
  • eHealth Africa is working on emergency response tools for the ongoing ebola outbreak in west Africa. These real time data collection analysis and visualization tools are already helping overworked ground staff save lives, contribute and help fight the spread of the disease.
  • Wahlversprechen documents all promises by germans ruling parties. How much was implemented, what ended in a compromise or failed and how much is left to do.

We are thankful to everyone who joined our little hackathon. Hope you all had the same amount of fun we had!

Let’s do this again!

Bodo Tasche

Bodo Tasche

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